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Compression Gauge 10mm Adapter

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Item #: VIM-HM-10MM

• The best S2 Drive Bits, black phosphate coated • Satin Chrome Plated Sockets with knurl for fingertip control • Full Warranty

Item #: ATD-PRT5464-04

Item #: LIS-56240

• For 54360


Item #: ATC-T-0154-B

Item #: OTC-518484

Item #: STA-12032

GM Filler Neck Test Adapter (31mm I.D., 10mm Deep) No. STN-12032 GM Filler Neck Test Adapter (31mm I.D., 10mm Deep) Adapter is required to test all small diameter (31 mm I.D., 10mm deep) cooling system filler neck applications. Applications: Acura 2004-1991 Chevrolet 2001-1998 Dodge 1994-92 Eagle 1996-92 Geo 1997-93 Honda 2004-1992 Isuzu 2003-1996 Lexus 2004-1990 Mitsubishi 2004-1992 Plymouth 1994-92 Suzuki 2004-1989 Toyota 2004-1990  

Item #: MVC-063-1370

10mm Quick Connect Female Adapter   Features:Adapter – 10mm Quick Connect- Female

Item #: 3MP-16022

Adapter converts specific Sata and the Sagola models for use with 3M™ PPS™ System. 10 mm Male, 1.0 mm Thread. Option #1 If the original cup is aluminum, remove adaptor from the base of the aluminum cup and re-insert into gun. Insert 3M #12 adapter. Option #2 If the original cup is plastic, use Sata QCC Quick Connector Cup Adaptor #129627 to use with PPS Adaptor 16022, Type #12 adapter. Sagola: 475 Mini-gun

Item #: MVC-062-2010

Male Side 10mm O-Ring Type Flange Style Adapter, BMW (Jaguar & Mercedes)   Features:062-2010 / Male Side (O-Ring P/N: 080-3402) BMW (Jaguar & Mercedes) 10mm Male O’Ring Type / Flange Style Counterpart Adaptor: 062-2015


Item #: LIS-56360

Item #: LIS-20530

LIS-20530 10mm Spark Plug Adapter Features: 10mm Spark Plug Adapters for 20250 Compression Tester

Item #: MVC-062-2015

Female Side 10mm Flange Style Receptacle Adapter, BMW (Jaguar & Mercedes) NOTE: Shown with 080-0593 for illustrative purposes only. Contains only 062-2015.  Features:062-2015 / Female Side BMW (Jaguar & Mercedes) 10mm Female Receptacle / Flange Style Counterpart Adaptor: 062-2010

Item #: KDT-367982

Replacement 10mm x 1.5 Adapter for Harmonic Balancer Installer Kit. Note: Image of Harmonic Balancer Installer Kit is displayed for illustrative purposes only, replacement parts are available individually. Features:Alternate Part Number: KDT-3679-82 Replacement 10mm x 1.5 Adapter for Harmonic Balancer Installer Kit (KDT-36790)

Item #: MVC-063-1369

10mm Quick Connect Male Adapter   Features:Adapter – 10mm Quick Connect- Male

Item #: MTY-MVA534

10mm Quick Change Adapter (Diesel) Application: Diesel  Available Fuel System Test Adapters:With the noted exceptions, the following adapters are included in kits MV5545 and MV5546. Together, they fit most US, Asian, and European manufactured vehicles. Each can be ordered separately using the part number indicated below.  

Item #: OTC-4410-4

6pc. Bushing Adapter Set (10mm x 12mm to 18mm x 20mm)   Features:Enables you to remove and install bushings, as used import cars, trucks, tractors, construction equipment, electric motors, and many other components having bushings. Made of steel. Also Available as part of 4410 Master Bushing Drive Set 33pc Metric & Standard

Item #: MSC-71475-10M

Metric Bubble Flaring Adapter – 10mm No. MTC-71475-10M Metric Bubble Flaring Adapter – 10mm Metric Bubble Flaring Adapter – 10mm NOTE: Image for illustrative purposes only; size and appearance may vary.   Features: Also available in 71475 Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Set

Item #: APE-AM-10MM

Item #: APE-A-5-10MM

Item #: APE-VC-7-10MM

Item #: APE-VA-5-10MM

Item #: APE-VNSF-3-10MM

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