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Item #: ULL-GMC-2

• Lifts 16 lbs. • Goblet shaped head shields sides of the magnet from attaching to unwanted metal surfaces. • Stainless Steel handle long, strong and light weight. • Textured Cushion Pistol Grip will not slip in wet or oily hands. • 2-1/4" Mirror head with metal base mounts in seconds to Mega Mag to bring hidden areas into full view. • Telescopes from 9" to 34-1/4"

Item #: JDD-6-125

• For Cadillac, Chevy, GM, and GMC

Item #: JDD-DVT-1000

Dual Valve Technology Installs right out of the box Works with all TPMS scan tools Saves time Saves money Reduces inventory Increases shop productivity and profits

Item #: JDI-DVT-1000

Item #: TCB-HT1224AGMC

TCB-HT1224AGM Heavy Truck 12/24 Volt Commercial Charger/Starter with AGM BatteriesFeatures:• The "Big Boy" of wheeled jump starting units has gotten an upgrade: features installed AGM batteries to increase unit longevity and eliminate spill hazards • Specifically designed for over-the-road transportation and heavy-duty implements starting applications • It exceeds the challenges of frigid weather and delivers the instant raw power of 1400 cold cranking amps in 12 Volt mode and 800 cold cranking amps in 24 Volt mode • Features 10 ft. cable leads made of 1/0 cable to reaching the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes • 1400 cold cranking amps in 12 Volt mode • 800 cold cranking amp in 24 Volt mode • Automatic 7 Amp x 2 Channel Battery Charging System • 10' Jumper Cable Leads • Ships with (2) Group 31 AGM Batteries Installed • 1 Year Limited Warranty SOL-PL2410 12/24 Volt 10/6/2A Intelligent Battery Charger/Maintainer Features:• The power and precision of PRO-LOGIX in a 24 Volt portable unit. Plus, the PL2410 features 12 Volt operation to add versatility. • It delivers fully automatic operation, it is very easy to use and delivers a proper, customized charge to every battery it services. • Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile, it is an ideal universal battery service tool. • Plus, with the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type, it is the only charger you will need. Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries all can be charged right with the PL2410. • 12 and 24 Volt battery charging • 10/6/2A charge rates • Fully automatic operation • Advanced multi-phase charging process • Properly charges all battery types • Soft Start Mode for severely depleted batteries • Recondition Mode rejuvenates distressed batteries • Enhanced maintenance mode for ideal long term storage • Temperature compensation for more effective charging • Reverse Polarity Protection and Battery Fault Detection • Data rich display provides detailed feedback during charging

Item #: PRS-M453002

Item #: JDD-6-116

• For GMC, Hummer, Lexus, Toyota, and VW

Item #: STA-12015

Cooling System Threaded Adapter - White/GMC trucks - 2.5” No. STN-12015 Cooling System Threaded Adapter - White/GMC trucks - 2.5” Cooling System Threaded Adapter - White/GMC trucks - 2.5” Applications: White and GMC truck.

Item #: OTC-J-44642

Rear Crankshaft Seal Installer for GMC and Chevrolet No. OTC-J-44642 Rear Crankshaft Seal Installer for GMC and Chevrolet Rear Crankshaft Seal Installer for GMC and Chevrolet For Duramax 6.6L engines. The rear seal is press fitted to both the engine block and crankshaft. Fit of inner / outer seal bodies is critical and any misalignment can result in leakage.

Item #: OTC-J-44643

Item #: TSI-V1029

Item #: OTC-J-46363

Disconnect Tool, Fuel Line for Chevrolet & GMC  Features:Applications: For 2003 C/K Utilities with E85.

Item #: ATD-5679

GMC 15020 Diesel Adapter – Glow Plug No. ATD-5679 GMC 15020 Diesel Adapter – Glow Plug GMC 15020 Diesel Adapter – Glow Plug   Diesel Compression Adapter Set Selection Chart: Compression Adapter Application Chart:

Item #: FPR-30012

Fast drying Outstanding gloss Selection of 18 popular colors Exceptional Flow and Leveling Can be applied with or without activator

Item #: JDD-6-213

Item #: SRR-FL120

Item #: SRR-FL115

Item #: SRR-FL105

Item #: SRR-FL110

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