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Process Tube Adapter

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Item #: ROB-12458

Robinair Process Tube Adapter Kit No. ROB-12458 Robinair Process Tube Adapter Kit This kit provides the fastest and easiest means of connecting charging lines to process tubes for evacuation and recharging a system. Features: Adapts 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" copper tubing to charging hose. Assures an absolute seal between tubing and the charging hose. Eliminates the need for flaring and the possibility of tubing chips getting into the system. Comes with its own carrying case with compartments for all parts. To adapt tubing to a charging hose, cut off the process tube seals, insert the tube into the proper size adapter and tighten to seal; connect the charging line, evacuate and recharge. After recharging, crimp the tubing, remove the process fitting and solder the end of the process stub.

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