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Item #: MVC-500-0150

Item #: RDL-95-0006A

• Smoke Pro® Tech-Mate™ is designed for the garage that doesn’t require a smoke machine with full- featured diagnostic capabilities • This tool uses OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluid to produce the thickest vapor available, so that technicians can easily locate leaks • Smoke Pro® Tech-Mate™ is the reliable, simple-to-use, and most economical smoke machine on the market • Includes: • (1) Smoke Pro® Tech-Mate™ • (1) OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluid • (1) Halogen Inspection Light • (1) EVAP Service Port Tool • (1) EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool • (1) Cap Plug Kit • (1) Exhaust Cone Adapter • (1) Plastic Accessory Case • Online training videos

Item #: OTC-6525

LeakMaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester No. OTC-6525 LeakMaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester Works On: Vacuum Leaks Exhaust Leaks Induction Leaks Crankcase Oil Climate Control Wind & Water Other Closed System Leaks Features: Developed specifically to diagnose vehicle EVAP system for leaks. Can also be used to diagnose and locate vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, under dash vacuum leaks, crankcase oil leaks, and wind and water leaks. Shipped with full charge of smoke producing UV solution that can be refilled by the customer. Accessories to test EVAP systems on many import & domestic vehicles included. LeakMaster’s simple two-step process makes testing today’s most advanced OBD-II systems quick and easy. You simply connect the unit to the vehicle’s EVAP service port and battery. The OTC LeakMaster 6525 can be calibrated to identify leaks at .020 and .040 (thousandths of an inch). There is a feature setting on the control valve making it capable of detecting leaks much smaller than .020, allowing the unit to keep pace with testing standards as they change. The OTC LeakMaster 6525 indicates, with a Pass/Fail, if the system being tested has unacceptable leakage. There’s no more guesswork. With LeakMaster, when you see the smoke, you’ve found the leak! If the OTC LeakMaster 6525 confirms the existence of excessive leakage in the system, simply switch the unit into phase-two testing, which introduces non-toxic diagnostic smoke with UltraTraceUV™ technology. Locating the area of any leak is simple, just look for the smoke exiting at the point of leakage. The UltraTraceUV dye will help you pinpoint the exact pointof any leak during and after testing. It’s that simple! LeakMaster offers state-of-the-art control for troubleshooting state-of-the- art systems. The OTC LeakMaster 6525 precisely controls critical pressure and flow rates needed for testing today’s advanced OBD-II EVAP systems. The OTC LeakMaster 6525’s diagnostic smoke and UV dye have undergone extensive testing by major auto manufacturers, is approved for use in OBD-II EVAP systems, and meets the most stringent OEM requirements. A truly versatile unit for testing a wide range of systems. The OTC LeakMaster 6525 is designed to work with either nitrogen or shop air. In addition to its EVAP capabilities, the OTC LeakMaster 6525 also locates wind and water leaks, vacuum/induction leaks, climate control vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, and many other closed system leaks. And, all testing is safely performed with the engine off. Inexpensive to operate, the OTC LeakMaster 6525 is user-refillable and will complete about 1,000 tests per smoke solution refill. LeakMaster’s precision and accuracy help you keep pace with standards for years to come. The OTC LeakMaster 6525’s precision and accuracy in detecting OBD-II EVAP leaks gives the unit the ability to keep pace with testing standards as they evolve, making it the right solution for EVAP system testing for years to come. Specifications: Height 23 in. (58.4 cm) Weight 18 in. (45.7 cm) Depth 9-1/2 in. (24.1 cm) Weight 17 lb. (7.6 kg) Ship Weight 20 lb. (9.0 kg) Power Supply 12-volt DC Amperage Usage 15 amps Supply Pressure 13.0 in. H20 Supply Volume 15 liters per minute Operating Temp. Range 45º F to 140º F (7.2º C to 60º C) Smoke Supply Line 12 feet (3.6 m) Power Supply Line 12 feet (3.6 m) Remote Starter Cable 12 feet (3.6 m)

Item #: OTC-6625

EVAP Cart For Leak Master Smoke Machine No. OTC-6625 EVAP Cart For Leak Master Smoke Machine Allows the EVAP smoke machine to be positioned close to the vehicle for service. Features: Recessed area on top of the cart allows smoke machine to fit tightly and ensures its safety from tipping Holding well for a standard sized SAE nitrogen tank of 60 or 75 cubic foot Large shelf area for the adapter and other accessories that come with the smoke machine Raised handle, large recessed rollers, and a minimum floor footprint for ease in moving the unit around the shop floor

Item #: OTC-6522

OTC LeakTamer – Smoke Machine EVAP Tester No. OTC-6522 OTC LeakTamer – Smoke Machine EVAP Tester Smoked Out – Find the Leak. Clear the Code. Smoke the Test. Put better technology and portability in your shop with OTC's new and improved smoke machine. This unit is half the size of its predecessor, but twice as mighty with more powerful features.   Features: Dealer Recommended, OEM Tested. Market Leading Smoke Technology. Quickly diagnose and repair a leading cause of check engine lights. 80% of top codes can be diagnosed with smoke technology. UltraTrace UV Dye the only OE approved solution. New smoke flow control adjusts for specific applications. Detects microleaksTM to and below .010in. Kit Includes: Leak Tamer Unit White/UV Combination with Laser Pointer UV Glasses for viewing UltraTrace UV dye Service Port Adapter Exhaust Adapter Cone Cap Plug Adapters Schrader Removal/Installation Tool UltraTrace UV Smoke-Producing Solution

Item #: UVW-400-1054

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