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Ultra Scan Pro

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Item #: BTC-400PROSUL2

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• The Slim Jim tool is made of stainless steel for added firmness, corrosion resistance, and durability • The tool features rounded edges to protect from cutting your hands • The sawtooth design is the favorite of many professionals when it comes to binding vertical linkages

Item #: KDT-82300PRO

• 8" Pry Bar provides leverage in tight confines • 16" Pry Bar for leverage in medium-duty automotive and industrial applications • 14 Locking head positions for unmatched access • For engine repositioning and placement, aligning steel components and fabrications and repositioning equipment • Head indexible through 180° for greater leverage • FREE 2 Pc. Double X Pliers Set (KDT-82106)

Item #: DEV-PRO-200-14-K


• The CanDo HD Pro outperforms the competition • It allows a technician to properly diagnose Heavy Duty vehicles without the need for other scan tools or OEM specific software • With its extensive coverage, reliable special functions, and lightning fast graphing, the HD Pro is built to properly diagnose trucks when you need it the most • The HD Pro will continue to prove itself in your shop, saving you time and money • Large 8” touch screen display with built-in thermal printer • OEM level functionality without the costly subscription based services • Continuous software updates by our highly skilled R&D team to expand vehicle coverage and functionality • Special functions include OEM level regeneration, injector coding, injector cut off, DPF reset and more • Extensive HD coverage including Class 4-8 Trucks and Industrial Equipment • Shop Tested Durable design • Diesel Hybrid Access • View and Graph Live Data • Free updates for 1 year

Item #: OTC-6550PRO

Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit No. OTC-6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit The new 6550PRO Professional Fuel Injection Master Fitting Kit from OTC puts a full coverage fuel system service kit in your toolbox & greater service opportunities in your shop! Perform fuel pressure testing, diagnose weak fuel pumps or restricted filters, test for fuel flow & perform leak-down tests. Use to clean injectors & intake systems. Features: Comes with an analog fuel pressure gauge. The pressure testing manifold is designed with a bypass valve letting the technician perform basic fuel flow assessments. Domestic, Asian & European – Each adapter works with Schrader valve fittings to ensure user safety by preventing fuel spray when connecting or disconnecting the pressure gauge (included), the fuel line, or an accessory like a cleaning canister. All seals & o-rings are made with highly durable Viton material to prevent swelling or cracking when exposed to gasoline, alcohol blends & even the most aggressive injector cleaning chemicals. Comes with an Application Manual (6550MAN-08) showing technical references for Make/Model/Year, Engine for vehicles produced between 1997 & 2008 – inclusive. We include Fuel Injection system, OE Fuel Pressure ranges, Fuel Pump Access point & disabling reference, OTC adapter reference & fuel line access locations for virtually FULL VEHICLE COVERAGE. Includes: 0 – 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge gives precise pressure readings as well as a view of pressure sweeps during the testing analysis. 47 OTC fuel injection system adapters each with a quick connect Schrader Valve - more adapters than any other kit we’ve found giving the best coverage of any kit on the market! 1997 – 2008 Fuel Injection Service Application Manual Replacement Seal Kit

Item #: DEV-PRO-103-TE10

Item #: DEV-SRIPRO20010K

Item #: BTC-WRT300PROC

• PRO Series TPMS tools for the Automotive Service Professionals! Built by the TPMS Professionals at Bartec. • The Tech300PRO is a high-powered entry-level activation tool that can be updated to an OBDII to help grow your TPMS business • Features • Activation Only Entry Level Tool • Wireless Bluetooth Data Transfer • Inductive Charging Capable • Programs Aftermarket Sensors • Works with Multi-Protocol Sensors • TIA Inside Technology • Upgrades to a TPMS OBDII Scan Tool • Benefits • An upgradable tool means that you decide when you need greater TPMS Function • Works seamlessly with your OE or aftermarket scan tool making TPMS repair fast and easy • Greater vehicle coverage means saying YES to customers more often • Easy-to-use, easy-to-operate means anyone in your business can use this tool • Comprehensive Health Report makes discussing TPMS with your customers effective and easy


Item #: DEV-SRIPRO-2-K5

• Replacement air separator kit for SRiPro® Spray Guns

Item #: OTC-3358PRO

Item #: BTC-WRT300PRO

Item #: DEV-PRO-200-13-K

Item #: DEV-PRO-200-15-K

Item #: BTC-WRT400PRO

• The Tech400Pro is the mid range solution in Bartec’s Pro Series range of TPMS tools • What was the TECH500 tool, is now the Tech400Pro with a new overlay • Bartec delivers the same tried and true function our customers come to expect, but with the latest technology • The Tech400Pro works on more cars, is even faster, and offers features and benefits to make your shop more efficient • The Tech400Pro is wireless TPMS, wireless charging, wireless data transfer [Bluetooth], keyless entry testing and wireless updating [Wi-Fi] • The Tech400Pro was designed so that anyone in your tire shop or repair facility can use it • TPMS is hard enough, the service tool you use should be easy and intuitive • The Tech400Pro uses the Bartec Process Menu Flow • The Tech400Pro works on more than 93% of vehicles that require OBD communication, and is the only tool that offers OBD coverage on vehicles like Chrysler, Ford, GM and Volvo • This means a single work flow and faster service, a shorter learning curve for technicians

Item #: BTC-300PROSUL2

Item #: AET-SPRO

Access Tools SPRO Super Pro Complete Set 55pc No. AET-SPRO Access Tools SPRO Super Pro Complete Set 55pc Access Tools SPRO Super Pro Complete Set 55pc   The Super Pro Complete Set is the most complete lockout set from Access Tools. Using the included Car Opening Manual , all basic car opening procedures are outlined in detail to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the high quality in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. The set comes with the two-piece Lightning Rod Long Reach tool so you can perform night lockouts easily. For vertical button vehicles, this set includes the Remote Control Button Master tool for easy opening of hard to grab buttons. This set of essential car opening tools, together with the accessories included, will get you into virtually tool needed for any vehicle on the road today.     Set Includes: 22 Chrome Tools With Sure Grip Handles, Two With Piranha Grip 9 Advanced Chrome Tools 2011-2012 Car Opening Manual For Auto And Heavy Truck 2011-2012 Car Opening Manual On Cd-rom Car Opening Instructional Dvd Power Night Vision Light Remote Control Button Master Two-piece Lightning Rod Tool Glassman Tool For Frameless Window Vehicles Super One Hand Jack Tool One Hand Jack Tool Super Air Wedge Flexible Long Reach Tool Wedgee Wedge StripSavers Wonder Shield StripTool LED Probe Light Slim Jim Copper Loop Tool Power Grip Tip Set Heavy Duty Mega Deluxe Carrying Case Made in USA Warranty information: Lifetime Warranty: In-The-Door Steel Tools 90-Day Warranty: All Other Tools

Item #: BTC-300PROSUL3

Item #: DEV-PRO-301-K

Item #: DEV-PRO-472-K3


MaxiCheck PRO Special Application Diagnostics No. AUL-MAXICHECKPRO MaxiCheck PRO Special Application Diagnostics MaxiCheck PRO Special Application Diagnostics   The MaxiCheck Pro, based on Autel's latest diagnostic platform, is simple, easy to use, & has been designed for professional technicians & body shops to service individual specialized systems. These include Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Climate Controls, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), Oil light resets, & Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The MaxiCheck Pro provides a quick & easy solution to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without a diagnostic tool. The MaxiCheck Pro is perfect for technicians & garages, as they are so easy to use & affordable.   Features: Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) : Designed for safe & professional replacement & recalibration of brake pads on a growing number of vehicles with electronic hand-brakes. This tool automatically links up with the control module by connecting to the vehicle's OBD II port. By disengaging the brake system, it increases safety with the push of a button. Eliminating the need to use expensive OE diagnostic systems to do the job on EPB systems makes the tool a time saver & a money maker! In addition, it is designed to enable the technician to read & clear ABS trouble codes. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) & Airbag:  Enables a technician to read & clear trouble codes, & also reset airbag & SRS warning lights. Perfect for body shops. Service Reset: Enables the resetting of service lights, service mileage, & service intervals on a range of vehicles including the latest BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW/Audi, Fiat, etc. This is a time & money saver for the service garage to have the service light turned out without using the expensive OEM scan tool. Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration: Designed to perform the zero position calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor in a growing number of vehicles equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Specially designed to reprogram vehicles that do not have a TPMS relearn facility in the ECU & register or re-register sensor ID's. 1 year of FREE updates via SD card Limited One (1) Year Warranty Includes: MaxiCheck Pro Unit User's Manual Hard carry case CD software USB cable

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